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How to Be a Professional Teacher

How to Be a Professional Teacher
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A professional teaching qualification does not make you a professional, in the true sense of the word. Belonging to a particular profession does not automatically guarantee that the service you provide is a professional one. Hence, teaching as a professional is a hard thing to do because it encompasses many roles to be done well. Read this article to find out how you can stand out as a true professional in your field: the classroom and larger school community.
  1. Inspire the trust of your clients - the students and parents.
  2. Dress like a professional.
  3. Always be on time for work.
  4. Be prepared.
  5. Follow procedures and the protocol expected at your school.
  6. Take charge of your classroom.
  7. Take pride in the process and product.
  8. Never miss a deadline.
  9. Keep up to date with your marking and grading of students' tasks.
  10. Treat your colleagues and supervisors with respect.
  11. Be passionate, positive, and enthusiastic about your work.
  12. Embrace change.
  13. Take an interest in every child.
  14. Treat your students with respect.
  15. Be a mentor not a friend.
  16. Maintain confidentiality.
  17. Consult parents.
  18. Put safety first.
  19. Support your colleagues and school management.
  20. Let excellence be your aim.
  21. Take responsibility for your students' results.
  22. Behave professionally in public.
  23. Keep abreast of education policy and legislation.
  24. Constantly seek new subject knowledge and share this with your students.
  25. Simplify your lessons:
  26. Keep your students attention.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Listening is considered as the most difficult language skill mainly for those who learn English as foreign language. If you are interested in multimedia teaching, especially teaching with computer-based material, we have packages of Listening Test for free. It is quite possible for individual learning or classical activities. It is like LC  in Ujian Nasional (National Final Exam). If you  consider it important to use you can download these packages by following this link to download. After you have used this test I would really appreciate for your comment posted in this blog. I hope by sharing knowledge we are going to be able to improve our E nglish. Link to download Listening Test.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Learning Through Poems

Send a Poem

Send a poem to say you care;
Send a poem with thoughts to share.
A paper card you send today
Across the miles will make its way;

Or send an e-card really fast,
For friendship that will grow and last.
A poem creates so many gifts:
The brain it calms; the heart it lifts.

Send a poem to say you care;
A poem is welcome anywhere.

By Joanna Fuchs (

Reading poems is a powerful way to hone our mind, feeling. A poem can be interpreted into thousands of meaning. It depends on the reader's feeling, mood, or emotional state. Readers can take any lesson from poems they have read. Here I want to show my favorite link about poem. But if you have a high sense of religion you can visit the Islamic poem site here.I think teaching a poem to students of Senior High School is a challenging but interesting. Do you have different opinion about teaching poem?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Be a Writer and Get Money

Writing Guidelines

We know you love to write columns and we also know you don't know how to write "Quality Columns". So we have compiled a writing guidelines page specially for you, reading which you can start writing "Quality Columns" and start increasing your reader base. Please check those writing guidelines below:
CONTENT QUALIFICATION: These are the guidelines that you must adhere to in order to get your content approved by us. We strictly moderate each and every column submitted by you before it goes live.
(1.a) Must be your original work. If you copy it from some other source whether online or offline, we will simply reject it. It should be unique, not violating somebody's copyrights and non-plagiarized. The license to post column(s) must be exclusive to you and you make sure that it isn't already published in some other online/ offlline journal, newspaper, magazine, website or other source.
(1.b) You abide to write informative columns which are of some value to others. Don't write slang, insane columns.

A Sample of News Articles

Scientist says monkey thought extinct may be alive
Associated Press
Feb. 6, 2004 07:00 AM

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A species of monkey thought likely to be extinct may still be swinging through the trees in Africa, according to an anthropologist.
The Miss Waldron's red colobus monkey was declared likely extinct in 2000 by a team that included W. Scott McGraw, an assistant professor of anthropology at Ohio State University. None had been seen since 1978, but McGraw said Wednesday he has evidence the species survives.
Two years ago, McGraw retrieved the skin of a monkey a hunter killed in Ivory Coast that had the markings of the red colobus, he said. The pelt had the species' typical black hair on its back with reddish fur on its forehead and thighs, along with freshly dried blood.
Recently, he received a photo from an associate in Africa that shows a dead red colobus. McGraw is convinced the photo is genuine, he said.
The monkey grows to a height of about 3 feet, with a head that is small for its frame. It eats fruit, seeds and foliage and emits a loud shriek. The species is believed to be named for the companion of its discoverer. There are about 18 species of red colobus.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Evaluation of Teacher Sertification

12 LPTK Rector Ask Mendiknas Evaluate Teacher Sertification
(news published by Universitas Negeri Gorontalo

Tuesday, 10 November 2009
As we know that one of the national tasks performed by personnel Educational institutions (LPTK) since 2007 is the implementation of the "Teacher Certification". In general, the entire LPTK agreed that this task is a noble task that impact on the improvement of teachers' professionalism and prosperity.

In the course of this task, since the year 2007 almost all LPTK experienced various obstacles. Even the issue until the legal effect so there LPTK leader who became the suspect. This occurs because of differences in perceptions about the legal basis used by the examiner. LPTK working on budget plans (RAB) which collated by the Directorate General PMPTK but inspectors do not want to use the basic RAB. Inpectors using LPTK performance using basic SBU published by the Ministry of Finance. This condition greatly affects the performance LPTK negative impact on the implementation of the basic tasks.

Observing that the 12 LPTK leader held a special meeting to discuss the problem of "Certificate Teacher", on November 9, 2009 in Gorontalo. The results of these meetings are as follows:
  1. Minister of National Education in order to evaluate the implementation of the certification of teachers, especially in the aspects of planning and use of the budget; 2.
  2. LPTK not ready to implement a teacher certification in 2010 before there is equality of treatment in sight and the use of the budget.

Do You Know What Action Research Is?

Action research is an interactive inquiry process that balances problem solving actions implemented in a collaborative context with data-driven collaborative analysis or research to understand underlying causes enabling future predictions about personal and organizational change (Reason & Bradbury, 2001). After six decades of action research development, many methodologies have evolved that adjust the balance to focus more on the actions taken or more on the research that results from the reflective understanding of the actions. This tension exists between